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Power Transmission & Distribution

Power Transmission & Distribution

Power Transmission and Distribution Services of Global Energy Technologies is active in the electrical power segment area. It carries out project management for various turnkey projects and has the capability to supply, install and commission electrical Power Transmission & Distribution System including HV Substations.


  • Power Cables up to 132kV
  • Fibre Optic, Telecommunication & Control cables
  • Overhead cables, line fittings and accessories
  • Overhead Line Conductors
  • Power & Distribution Transformers up to 132kV
  • HV transformer up to 1150kV
  • Transformer Instrumentation
  • Test Equipment
  • Switchgear and control panels
  • SF6 Ring main units (RMU)
  • On Load Tap Changer and Digital AVR
  • 132kV/230V Outdoor Substations
  • Package substations (Distribution)
  • Energy and Water Meters
  • DC Systems

Installation, Testing and Commissioning:

  • Power Cables up to 220kV
  • Overhead lines
  • Substations up to 400 KV
  • Jointing/ Termination for 11kV, 33kV and 132kV
  • Jointing assistance 220kV cables
  • Oil & Gas Electrical/Instrumentation Projects
  • Industrial Projects

Repairs / Rehabilitation:

  • Power and Distribution Transformers
  • 11kV & 33kV Switchgear and Control Panel
  • Electrical Protection system upgrading
  • Upgrading & Modernization of energy metering system
  • Rehabilitation and extension of SCADA system
  • Servicing of OLTC and AVR

Cabling Management Services:
We offer a full array of cabling services which can be performed on a turnkey basis. Our activities include initial stages of route design, drawing preparation, excavation, cable laying, cable jointing, final testing, commissioning and successful handing over of works to the client.

Cable Laying (HV & EHV):
Our installation team consists of qualified and experienced Engineers & Supervisors who have the necessary experience to undertake High Voltage cabling projects on a turnkey basis. We are also experienced in laying submarine cables and directional drilling.

Cable Jointing:
We have experienced High Voltage cable jointers for the following voltage rating cables of XLPE and Paper insulated power cables:

  • 66kV
  • 132kV
  • 230kV

HV & EHV Over‐ Head Transmission Line:
Our activities include erection of transmission line, installation of Micro-wave and Telecom towers including erection of optical fiber cable line.

We provide repair/refurbishment services on major makes of:

  • Power transformers to 500MVA, 400kV
  • Reactors to 100 MVAR, 400kV
  • Furnace transformers neutral grounding compensators

Transformer Site Services:

Apart from our workshop facilities we also provide on-site transformer repair/refurbishment services which include:

  • The repair, overhaul and maintenance of transformers including dismantling for shipment, erection before and after repair, erection and commissioning of new transformers, minor repairs such as oil leaks and bushing replacement.
  • Retrofitting of conservator bags, fire protection systems and other life extension/protective devices.
  • Tap changer service on major makes of tap changers including all mechanism works.
  • On-site purification and drying out of transformers.
  • Fault finding and tests on transformers and auxiliary equipment.

Engineering Site Services:

  • Fault investigation and root cause analysis.
  • Condition monitoring of plant, substation assessment, performance trend and optimizing maintenance plans. Substation maintenance plans are developed for in house distribution networks.
  • Life extension of transformers, condition assessment and upgrading for longer life and improved performance.
  • Supply of Dry Keep, the unique transformer moisture management system.
  • Consulting to risk practitioners on transformer failures and evaluation of maintenance policies.
  • Training of utility staff to perform first line maintenance on plant, this also includes oil sampling. Certificates of competency are issued on completion.
  • Supply, install and commissioning of Dissolved Gas Analyzers on Transformers.

Our activities include supply, installation, testing & commissioning of primary & secondary substations. Our scope of work covers both outdoor and indoor substations and we also undertake repair, maintenance and upgrading of
existing substations.
Our project management team and installation groups have extensive experience in India and Middle East.